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See also [[153YFSG Free software GIS|course pages]] in Czech.
See also course pages in [[153YFSG Free software GIS|Czech]].

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Free software in geoinformatics in general.

In practical applications is used mainly GRASS GIS. Besides GRASS GIS, also QGIS, uDig, OpenJump, gvSig, libraries GDAL/OGR, Proj.4 or GeoTools are demonstrated during lessons. Geostatistical analysis in GRASS/R, creation of hard-copy output maps using GMT. Storing geodata in relational database management systems - PostGIS.

Geodata published on Internet - UMN MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, PyWPS. OGC standards and their implementation.

Freely accessible geodata, community project OpenStreetMap.

See also course pages in Czech.