155PHOG Photogrammetry

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Basic Information

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  • Code: 155PHOG
  • Lectures:

prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Pavelka

  • Practical classes:

prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Pavelka (head of the classes),

Ing. Jindřich Hodač, Ph.D.

Ing. Jaroslav Šedina, Ph.D.

  • lectures per week: 2 hours
  • exercises per week: 2 hours
  • Credits: 6
  • finished with: an exam
  • summer semester


Introduction to photogrammetry. Analoque, analytical and digital solutions of photogrammetrical problems. Coordinate systems in photogrammetry. Interior and exterior orientation of images, determination of orientation elements. Photogrammetric (Gruber) series. Terrestrial photogrammetry, single-image photogrammetry, intersection photogrammetry and stereophotogrammetry, formulas and accuracy. Metric cameras, analogue and analytical methods of evaluation of metric images, calibration of cameras. Aerial photogrammetry, its subdivision. Image flight project. Digital photogrammetry, aerotriangulation, orthophoto production.


Aber, James & Marzolff, Irene & Ries, Johannes. (2010). Small-format Aerial Photography: Principles, Techniques and Geoscience Applications, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780444532602

Kraus, K. Photogrammetry-Geometry from Images and Laser Scans. DeGruyter, 2007, Translated by: Ian A. Harley and Stephen Kyle, https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110892871

Kraus, K.: Photogrammetry,1994,2007 De Gruyter, ISBN13 9783110190076, english

Kraus, K.: Photogrammetrie, 1994, Dümler,ISBN 3427786455, 9783427786450, german

Schenck, T.: Introduction to Photogrammetry,2005, http://www.mat.uc.pt/~gil/downloads/IntroPhoto.pdf


Lecturer: prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Pavelka (pavelka -et- fsv.cvut.cz)

lecturer information

short prof. Dr.Ing.Karel Pavelka
detailed prof. Dr.Ing.Karel Pavelka

Practical exercises: Ing. Jindřich Hodač, PhD., Ing. Jaroslav Šedina, PhD.


Ing. Jindřich Hodač. (jindrich.hodac -et- fsv.cvut.cz), PhD., Ing. Jaroslav Šedina, PhD.(jaroslav.sedina -et- fsv.cvut.cz)

During the practical exercises the following tasks are solved:

  • Postprocessing of images for photogrammetry
  • Single-frame photogrammetry (SimPhoto)
  • Camera calibration (PhotoModeler)
  • Intersection photogrammetry (PhotoModeler)
  • Multiphoto-SfM (Agisoft Metashape)
  • Flight procedure and processing of drone data
  • PhotoPa - Simple photogrammetric methods for architectural documentation